Issey Miyake Men Autumn Winter 2018 – In the whirlwind of urban life

Issey Miyake Men Autumn/Winter 2018 collection is here. It’s fair to say that we at Nippon Couture are loving it. Debuted in Paris in January 2018, the season’s theme is “In the whirlwind of urban life”. It takes inspiration from the “richness of urban life sensations”. Unconventional combinations are mixed with layers of colour and fabric. The look is, as we’ve come to expect from recent Issey Miyake collections, fairly youthful, but there’s definitely some refinement there too. There’s an elegance created by the careful use of super technical fabrics and masterful colour matching. Blacks and greys are contrasted beautifully by blues, reds, yellows and greens, creating a “symphony of … Read moreIssey Miyake Men Autumn Winter 2018 – In the whirlwind of urban life

Issey Miyake Men Stores Worldwide

As we were in London last week, it would have been remiss not to visit the Issey Miayke store there. The London Issey Miyake flagship store is located in Mayfair, in a 1950s building that used to house a bank. The renovation was led by Tokujin Yoshioka, who was also responsible for the Issey Miyake Reality Lab. boutique in Tokyo. 10 Brook Street still retains a lot of the original features, exposed beams, walls, etc, contrasted with blue dyed aluminium features, creating a space “where history meets the future”. On display are a full range of Issey Miayke brands, including our favorite, Issey Miyake Men, which is situated downstairs. I … Read moreIssey Miyake Men Stores Worldwide

Issey Miyake Menswear Lines

Issey Miyake has been at the cutting edge of clothing design – or, making things, as he prefers to call it – for over 50 years. Miyake’s innovative designs are always future-looking, but beneath lies a foundation of traditional techniques (both Eastern and Western), along with a deep respect for the materials at use. Having studied haute couture in Paris in the 1960s, under the likes of Guy Laroche and Givenchy, Miyake returned to Japan in 1970 and founded Miyake Design Studio Inc. He presented his first collection in New York 1971, going on to debut his women’s main line (ISSEY MIYAKE) in Paris in 1973. He proceeded to launch … Read moreIssey Miyake Menswear Lines